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Royce Rolls Ringer Co.

Stainless Steel Fixtures and Maintenance Equipment for your Facility





Made in America

Janitorial Carts

Choose carts with buckets and wringers, or microfiber tubs!

Royce Rolls carts manufactured in
Grand Rapids, MI since 1925

Stainless Steel carts are
durable and last long term

Carts are shipped fully assembled

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Choose Standard, Covered, Slanted, or Mega Style!








Floor Care Units

Stainless Steel Mop Buckets, Wringers, and Carriers!








Janitorial CartsJanitorial Carts


Mopping System Add-OnsMopping System Add-Ons


Platform CartsFloor Care Units


Snaprack Tool Holder“Snaprack” Tool Holder

Stainless Fixtures on GSA ContractFixtures

Mop Buckets and WringersBuckets & Wringers

Mop Buckets and WringersContainers

Metal Containers on GSA ContractContainers

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